CHRISTIAN RUEHMERI am a Senior Risk Manager and Banker with 20+ years international experience and a thorough understanding how to solve complex issues using skills and technology.  I collected experience in the full  value chain of financial services (origination, structured products, work-outs/restructuring). My focus on risk management, treasury. I am capable of looking at the big picture as well as into details to ensure that proposed solutions work sustainably. In my current projects, I support small banks and microfinance institutions elevating their risk management practice.

I am the co-founder and President of Proyecto Horizonte, a community development program. I started this with the very clear vision to lift a community from extreme poverty to lower middle class within one generation through a persistent application of high quality programs for education, health care and local development.

Highlights of my recent work:
  • Developing and implementing a Risk Management Framework for a Private Equity Fund with global presence to ensure regulatory compliance as well as effective risk management. Actively managing the risk of the funds.
  • Implementing Risk Reporting for one of the largest MFIs in China and an MFI in Cambodia
  • Upgrading the Risk Management Framework for Financial Institutions in Mongolia, Palestine, Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria
  • Improving the collection process of a Financial Institution in the Middle East
  • Implementing a Treasury Management concept for a two-tier savings organization in West Africa
  • Developing reporting tools for Credit Risk Management and Financial Risk Management
  • Assessing the best approach to Risk Management for a global network of MFIs
  • Implementing a Risk Management Framework (structure, policies, reporting, risk culture training) for FIs in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa
  • Advising 50+ FIs globally since 2001 in the area of risk and efficiency management. Improving process efficiencies by up to 50% and protecting the institutions through an integrated/pragmatic approach to risk
  • Managed restructurings and complex work-outs cases in the Americas. In and out-of court restructurings, recapitalizations, debt-equity conversions, receivership management, and equity investments. Focus on mid-sized Real Estate and Hospitality projects (20 cases, total volume $1bn). Successful management of turnarounds
  • Managing Real Estate Credit Risk of a large international portfolio, including structured products, and construction loans. Developed a workflow and monitoring tool to analyze and steer the portfolio based on sector specific criteria
  • Implementation of an internal restructuring unit (“Bad Bank”): technical set-up, organizational structure, reducing assets following the business plans


  • Founder of the charity “Proyecto Horizonte”, a village development program in Bolivia serving over 800 children and their families with education, health care, and community development. (75 local employees and zero administrative expenses outside Bolivia)
  • Increased the outreach of our program from initially 100 kids, 10 employees and an annual budget of USD 30k to 800 kids, 75 team members and a budget of USD 200k, while achieving sustainability in major parts of the program

For more details, also see my full profile on LinkedIn or contact me for a .pdf version of my Bio and CV