How easy it is to spend 1 Dollar – Create the culture to give every day!

From the moment we started Proyecto Horizonte, my way of thinking about spending small amounts of money changed. Knowing that it cost about US$ 1 to send a child for one day to our programs put so many expenses in perspective:

  • Spending US$12 for lunch equals a teacher’s salary for a full day
  • The glass of red wine at a nice restaurant, at US$13 for two people sends a full class to the daycare center, and actually includes 3 healthy meals
  • The occasional cab-ride to/from work at US$15 (taking my hometown of New York as a reference) for one way sends more than half a class to the programs

You can break that down to many of the daily expenses. The latte at the coffee shop, the candy bar from the vending machine and many more. Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting the ascetic lifestyle, but maybe it feels good, occasionally to forgo the second glass of wine or bring your own lunch from home and give the saved money to a worthy cause. If you only give US$ 1 every day, that adds quite nicely over the months and could offer a child at Proyecto Horizonte a great perspective to improve its life!

There is a great App from Google which runs on the iPhone and on Android phones called OneToday. This allows you to donate US$1 every day to hundreds of different projects. To get you started, I will match your donation to selected activities at Proyecto Horizonte, like this one:

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